Beginner’s Guide on Writing an SEO-friendly Article

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Writing an SEO friendly Article

When you search for a certain topic on Google search, it will immediately get some recommendations on some article that suits your search queries. So, out of all similar articles on the internet, why did Google put those articles at the top of the search engine result page (SERP)? Well, that’s basically one of the advantages of knowing how to write SEO article.

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If you’re an avid blogger or a content writer, you must have been familiar with this abbreviation before. But, for beginners, search engine optimization (SEO) can be a bit confusing. So, in this article, we have covered a brief introduction to SEO, the importance of search engine optimization, and the complete guide on how to write SEO article. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the wondrous world of SEO.

What is an SEO article?

As the name suggests, SEO articles are the types of articles that have been optimized for search engines, typically Google or Bing. In general SEO articles were written to increase the traffic of a website. By applying SEO strategies to your writing, your article will appear on the first page of the result page. As a result, people will be more likely to click on your article.

This behavior is supported by 2020 research findings by Sisitrix. In this research, it is revealed that over 25% of users will click on the link they see on the first page of Google results. So, unless you don’t want people to click on your content, it is essential to apply an SEO strategy to your article.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is very important for digital marketing and eCommerce for several aspects. First, according to research by BrightEdge, B2B and tech companies get higher revenue from the search engine instead of other channels. So, optimizing your article for SEO is important to increase your revenue.

In addition, SEO can increase people’s awareness of your brand. To put it simply, the more your content appears at the top of the search result, the more likely you are to be widely recognized. As a result, your brand awareness also increases.

How to write an SEO-friendly article

Writing an SEO-friendly article is one of the best ways to organically attract visitors to your blog. So, here are the step-by-step guides that you can follow when writing an SEO article.

  1. Using the right keyword

Implementing specific keywords can be a great start when writing an SEO article. When choosing a keyword, several aspects must be considered. Those aspects are the search volume, competition, and relevancy to your blog’s niche. Keywords with high search volume are highly sought by the audience. In addition, low competition keywords are the type of keywords that haven’t been widely used by other websites.

  1. Understanding user search intent

Intents are the information that users want when they type certain keywords in Google Search. It is related to one of Google’s SEO assessment factors. Content with the right intention must be able to present the information sought by the users. Once users find the matching search result, they will linger on your blog. As a result, the Google algorithm will think that your article is important, placing it on a higher search rank.

  1. Write an exciting title.

The title of your article is the best way to hook potential visitors into your blog. Since you only have a fraction of a second to convince your reader, it is essential to write an exciting title that also represents the content of your article. Despite the limitless possibilities, you should avoid making a long-winded title. In addition, you can also implement your keyword into the title itself.

  1. Maintain article structure

The goal of maintaining the article structure is to expedite the writing process by choosing what to convey in the article. In addition, a good article structure will make it easier for visitors to understand your article. One of the easiest methods to maintain a good structure is by thinking of yourself as the reader. Then, you can estimate what answer you want to get from the article.

  1. Divide into a short paragraph

A 2006 study by Nielsen Norman Group revealed that readers love to read an article in an F-pattern. For instance, the reader will read the full opening paragraph, then scan the article for interesting words and sentences vertically. So, it is important to keep each paragraph brief and informative. As a general rule of thumb, three full sentences is the optimal length for a paragraph.

  1. Utilize heading and subheading

Heading and subheading can be a great tool to divide your article into several sub-topics. In addition, the placement of your headings depends on the type of article you write. For instance, if you write a listicle (list article), the second heading (H2) should be placed after H1 or the title. Moreover, if you write an in-depth coverage of a topic, your headings should be used to highlight each focus of the discussion.

  1. Use more conjunction

The conjunction is one of the most useful yet often overlooked SEO strategies. For the readers, it is used to understand the relationship between ideas in the article. In addition, there is a huge gallery of conjunctions that you can use, such as contradictory, correctives, affirmation, etc. The key to success in SEO is using some of them correctly and effectively.

  1. Add internal and external links.

Internal links are directed toward a page of the same website. On the other hand, external links are directed toward other websites. Adding internal links to your website can help Google index your website and understand the context of the article. Moreover, they can also help readers navigate to other articles on different topics. In addition, adding external links to more reputable websites can strengthen your statement and opinion.

  1. Add visual elements

The human brain is capable of processing visual data 60 thousand times faster than writing. Moreover, a 2017 article by Xerox revealed that colored pictures increase readers’ attention by 80%. So, adding interesting visual elements, such as infographics or data charts, into your article will help readers understand its content better.

So, those are the step-by-step guides on how to write SEO article. Remember, SEO-friendly articles can help your website or blog to grow. So, apply all of those SEO steps the next time you write an article on your blog.

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