Tips for Writing SEO Articles

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Writing SEO Articles

Writing articles on an online platform is more than your writing skills. It is better to understand SEO techniques so that your writing gets the best rank on the search engine. Thus, writing an SEO-friendly article does not need to apply SEO techniques too much.

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It is essential to be concerned about the natural side of articles. The target readers are humans, not the engine. It means that articles must apply writing rules and procedures correctly with SEO techniques touch. These are some ways to write SEO-friendly articles for writers.

1. Apply the Keyword on the Early Article Title

After you get a keyword, for example, SEO friendly, you must create a title with the keyword. For example, the title of your article is Writing SEO-friendly articles for beginners.

You can modify and combine a title. But, the keyword should not change because it will influence the keyword’s position in the articles.

2. Concern about The Placement of Keywords

After you make a title with a keyword, the other writing skills for SEO articles are ensuring a keyword is on the first line of the articles. Almost all search engines show the first 160 characters on the search engine. You have to put a keyword on the early articles.

If you want to use an SEO plugin, you need to apply the same technique to the description box. Why? The search engine will read the content of the column. In addition, you have to put a keyword in every paragraph. However, it is risky to remove the natural sides of the article so that the application must reduce it for a shorter character in the paragraph.

3. Use a Keyword and Derived Keyword on Sub Headings

Sub headings ease the readers to read the article parts. If the articles consist of long text and review more than one topic, you need it. You can use an LSI keyword or latent semantic keyword being a keyword that looks like the main keyword.

For example, if the main keyword is SEO friendly, the LSI keyword can be writing SEO-friendly, SEO-friendly articles, etc. If you have tried the guide on keyword research, you can find some related keywords to give you ideas.

4. Concerns about the Depth of Keywords

One of the surprising ways for Google is to show the search result on the search engine. It tracks and analyzes the depth of keywords of website content. Google can show off the relevant search result based on the needs of searchers. Google’s displayed result is the keyword with the right portion for searchers.

The best depth of keywords for Google is difficult to answer. However, the SEO article length is 300 words, and keywords are mentioned 4 to 6 times in the articles.

Those are some writing skill tips for SEO articles to improve and master. You can become a professional writer when you apply it.

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