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Rewording Tool Free by with AI innovation to rapidly rewrite articles, sentences, and paragraphs with readable quality. One of the functions of the rewording tool is to stay clear of plagiarism.

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What Is Rewording Tool: The Benefits and Tips of Doing It Properly

You probably are familiar with another name of the rewording tool – which is commonly known as a paraphrasing tool. This tool can be helpful if you want to create unique content, but there are several things that you need to consider when using such a tool. A tool should make your work easier, but it doesn’t mean that it can do the entire work and it doesn’t need any human interference.

Rewording Tools and Its Functions

A rewording tool is basically a device for rewriting (the text). The tool can utilize different phrases while keeping the original meaning intact at the same time. The tool is a software program used to reword all kinds of text types, from one sentence to a whole paper (like thesis or essay). Most of these tools are simple, straightforward, and easy. Their ability to rewrite one paper (entirely) in several seconds is quite impressive.

These tools are quite plentiful. Many of them are available for free online, but some of them offer paid services. The paid services, naturally, offer more features and perks. Some of them can function online, but some of the downloaded programs are also available. It’s completely up to you (based on your personal preferences) to choose what kind of tool meets your requirements.

Benefits of the Rewording Tool

Not many people realize that the rewording tool has many benefits, such as:

  • Plagiarism avoidance.
    Plagiarism is one of the most common issues in content writings and creations. With the paraphrasing tool, you can avoid this while still conveying your original messages.
  • Content reuse.
    Online marketers, or other people, often want to reuse their own articles. But instead of using the same content (which can use boredom to the readers or visitors), re-writing it can be quite handy. In this way, you can have another content (of your own) without having to start from scratch. With the tool, you only need to create one, but end up with several contents that (seem) different.
  • Text summary.
    In some cases, the re-written text can be shorter. It happens when you remove the unnecessary sentences or materials, or you edit it to be concise. In some cases, the re-written text is easier than the original text. Whereas the original text is aimed at experts, the re-written text is aimed at general readers who prefer easier words and terms.

Tips to Use the Reword Tool

Everyone can use the rewording tool easily. It’s basically a no-brainer at all. However, if you want to achieve the best results, you need to know how to utilize the tool in the most effective manner. Just because the tool is extremely helpful, it doesn’t mean that you should let it do all the work. It’s okay to let the tool does all the magic, but you still need to check everything. Make sure that your contents are somewhat ‘humane’ and natural.

So, what should you do?

  1. Always read and check. Once the tool is done doing its work, try to read it first. After you are done, leave it be for 5 to 10 minutes. Do something else: grab a bite, take a cup of Joe, or simply enjoy the outdoor view. After 10 minutes, return to your work and read again. You want your content to be logical and reasonable. You want them to flow naturally. You want them to be useful and informative, and yet also natural and flowing. Remove things that don’t make sense. Revise them if you want to do so. After you are done, leave it again. Take another 10-minute break. And read again. Once you are happy with the result, then you are ready to post or publish it.
  2. Focus on active voice. Passive voice doesn’t seem natural. Oftentimes, it causes paralysis. In the event, that the rewording tool is still implementing the passive voice, read and check. Does it make sense? Does it sound (and seem) natural? If all of the answers are no, then figure out the alternative. Use the passive income as the last resort. If possible, stay away from passive voice.
  3. Use stronger synonyms. Never forget that you create content for a certain target audience. Different target requires a different language. After all, using the tool would get you familiar with different synonymous words, depending on the context and the meaning. For instance, you can find the synonym of ‘easy’ as being ‘understood’ or ‘clear’ or even ‘straightforward’. Depending on your target, simply choose the stronger synonym that makes sense.
  4. Do some editing. Never underestimate the editing work. You are able to eliminate the not-so-important and unnecessary words. You can make revisions for sentences that don’t seem natural or make sense. You can make clearer and more concise structures and sentences. Remove any filler that doesn’t contribute to the importance of the contents. Fillers aren’t effective – they just make your articles look full and packed, but they are meaningless. Contents filled with fillers are basically low in quality. And remember, you don’t want to create low-quality content, do you?
  5. Avoid complex (and long) sentences. It’s best to keep your sentences short. Instead of writing long and complex sentences, it would be better to focus on shorter sentences. Shorter sentences are concise. They are straight and direct. They are also easy to understand. So, if the tool still produces long (and complex) sentences, you need to do the checking and editing. Remove those long and ineffective sentences. It’s also better to do shorter paragraphs instead of long ones.

Final Words

In the end, the paraphrasing tool won’t do all the work on its own. It still needs human interference. The tool still needs your interference to create logical and natural content. Using the tool ‘only’ makes your work a bit easier. You still need to work quite hard to make sure that your contents aren’t only informative but also high in quality. There are so many free and helpful rewording tools out there, so make sure that you choose the right one to help you.

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